90’s were - Computer lab

Late 20th century was the era when every school wanted to have a computers lab to give Their students an extra edge over competition competitive computer lab was the first Criteria of every parent was looking for before enrolling their child.

Coding & Robotics is the future

Mindtronix equips and enables Schools by setting up Coding & Robotics Labs with in their school premises and making them future ready and providing their students International exposure at various platforms.

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Created with years of Research and Development

A team of highly-skilled intellectuals work diligently to provide the best early experiences for children including
  • Each box is based on the curriculum as per the grade,
  • Your kid will be able to relate the Jumanji box with their book they study in school
  • Each box offers several activities revolving around the same concept like – 7-10 activities
  • Video support for every box purchased to add another level of understanding.

How We Do It

  • We will equip you with 21st Century teaching and learning aids
  • We provide qualified trainers as well as tarin your inhouse faculty to conduct sessions
  • Online trainings and video support
  • Online dashboard for effortless communication, requirement generation, training and concerns.

Our Partners

Associated with IYRA

(International Youth Robotics Association )


World Robot Olympid

A global robotics competition for young people.

International Youth Robotics Competition


First Lego League

A STEM Lego League

Your students get to participate and represent your school at National and International Levels

Images of students competing